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#17 Regulating Factor L7

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Phytogen #17

Regulating Facotr L7

Reduce all signs of skin irregularities due to imbalance


Age: All ages
Gender: All 
Skin Type: All skin types with active acne due to hormone imbalance, such as stress breakout and fatigue acne.
Skin Concerns: Hormonal acne
Efficacy: Phyto peptides and hormone catabolic biological factors to inhibit acne due to hormone imbalance.
How to use: Apply 2-3 times a day after cleansing.
Key ingredients (full):

Phyto peptide complex L7, rh-AFGF, EGF



Best for
✔︎ Hormonal breakouts
✔︎ Long term acne due to hormonal imbalance


Dermatologically Tested

Size 10ml