NO FACE™ Dermatology Science Formula®

Antioxidant Plus PHOTO Corrector

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NO FACE™ Dermatology Science Formula® is a range of high performing ultra active skin solution products supported by skincare professionals and dermatologists. 

Antioxidant+ is formulated with clinical grade form of active Ascorbic Acid, Oligopeptide-34, Tranexamic Acid to help combat free radicals and improve signs of skin damage and oxidative stress.

A photo corrective solution through biotechnologies for skin that has been exposed to the UV for prolonged period of time. It provides tone adjusting benefits to reduce skin tone unevenness and colour imbalance issues.

All skin researchers are blown away by the amazing results of Oligopeptide-34. Oligopeptide-34 is short chain peptide consisting of 13 amino acids together to create a highly efficient and active molecule that addresses melanin formation.

The Antioxidant Plus is an effective skin solution to target:

  • Pigmentation Issues
  • Photo Damage appearance
  • Oxidative Stress

Main ingredient

Ascorbic Acid, Tranexamic Acid, Tocopherol, Oligopeptide-34