IPL Multi-Focus Photofacial

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IPL Multi-Focus Photofacial is an advanced treatment to visibly reduce photo damage including dark spots: freckles, sunspots; Rejuvenate the skin caused by UV and intrinsic ageing by using a broadband dynamic pulsed light. 


How does the IPL Multi-Focus Photofacial work?

istological evaluation of the effects of five subsequent IPL treatments with 570 to 645nm wavelengths showed epidermal thickening of 100 to 300µm*, a decrease in horny plugs, new rete ridge formation, a decrease in proportion of degenerated elastic fibers, and new dermal collagen formation. These reactions successfully rebuild the skin after solar elastosis for fuller and more youthful appearance. The Dynamic Pulsed Light with 550-650nm broadband at Lab de Peau is able to target multiple factors of the skin for the destruction of pigments and stimulation of collagen to achieve photo rejuvenation.

(Figure 1)



After 3 Sessions of Multi-Focus Broadband IPL 



At Lab de Peau, every client is guaranteed to have a one on one professional in-depth skin assessment and consultation prior to any treatment. The Diskover™ 4D Skin Modeling ensures that we know the skin's phenotype and phototype for the most accurate IPL pulse width, fluence and pulse delays etc for the best results possible. 



IPL is highly operator dependent. Meaning that the same IPL equipment may result in different effects on the same skin. At Lab de Peau, our accredited IPL and Laser specialists are able to analyse the skin and prepare the skin thoroughly prior to the treatment. Usually a Medifacial® is often performed before an IPL to decongest and clarify the pores, reduce stratum corneum thickness to allow maximum light absorption. 


Research Reference 

*1. Hernández-Pérez E, Ibiett EV. Gross and microscopic findings in patients submitted to nonablative full-face resurfacing using intense pulsed light: a preliminary study. Dermatol Surg. 2002;28(8):651–655. 
*2. Zelickson B, Kist D. Pulsed dye laser and photoderm treatment stimulates production of type-1 collagen and collagenase transcripts in papillary dermis fibroblasts. Lasers Surg Med. 2001;13(Suppl):132.