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Acne Inhibiting Factor Box

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The most advanced acne inhibiting factors researched and developed by Australian Dermaceutical Lab with chemical free, fragrance and additive free organic compounds to effectively eliminate acne once and for all.

Clinically proven Acne Inhibiting Factors to eliminate acnes and prevent future acne formation. One box suits all types of acnes.

 Proven acne elimination in 30 days without side effects. Find out why


As seen on   VOGUE   Prevention  Health Magazine


How to apply

1. Cocktail Style:

Use 1 drop from each factor ampoule, mix them on the palm, and apply to the entire face. 

2. Spot Style:

Use the desired factor and do spot application.  


Products included:

  1. L3 - Acne Inhibiting Factor with Cell Hydrating Compounds 
  2. L4 - Acne Inhibiting Factor with potent Anti-inflammation Compounds
  3. L5 - Bacteria Inhibiting Factor
  4. L6 - Cell Detox and Restoration Factor
  5. L7 - Hormone Regulating Factor 


Packed in NO FACE Classic Corrugated Box