Appointment Policy

Lab de Peau treats each client and employee with the utmost respect and fairness. We To ensure high quality and dedicated client care, each appointment is assigned and well prepared before the client's arrival, and the time frame is reserved exclusively. Therefore, it is important to note that non-attendance and last minute cancellations/changes will be abided by the policy.

Term 1

a. 24 Hour Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

Definition: 24 Hours means from the Start of the Business Day. Cancellations and rescheduling for all reasons within this period will be at the full cost of the client, any voucher will be forfeited.

For example, XXX booked an appointment for 4pm on Thursday, and emailed/called to cancel it on Wednesday at 10am, which falls outside 24 natural hours, however, it does not fall into the 24 Hours from the start of the business day, and therefore the full cost of the booked treatment must be paid in full. If XXX booked with a voucher, then the session will be forfeited.

b. Unsuitable Treatment

If the treatment purchased or booked for is deemed unsuitable, the specialist on duty at Lab de Peau will change to another suitable procedure on the day, or cancel the appointment. Should the appointment be cancelled, the treatment fees paid will be refunded less assessment fee of $90.

Term 2

10 Min Late Arrival 

Late arrival of 10 minutes or less will shorten treatment time. Late arrival of over 10 minutes will result in cancellation of the appointment at client's expense or voucher forfeited.

Term 3

No Makeup 

Makeup must be removed prior to the appointment. Onsite makeup removal will result in shortened treatment time.

Term 4

Change of Appointment Outside The Policy

Changes outside the 24 hour range as defined in Term 1 can be done easily online through the link included in the Appointment Confirmation Email.


Term 5

No Companion

For client comfort, safety, treatment and environment quality, only one client is allowed at a time in the treatment room, any companion will have to wait in the common area outside the treatment zone.


Term 6

Vouchers, Deals, Specials

Rescheduling within 24 hours or on the day of booking is deemed as cancellation of the scheduled service, and will render the voucher redeemed.