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PPT Advanced Skin Infusion with RF

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PPT is an advanced peptide infusion treatment delivered through Radio Frequency and Nano-needling. The peptide complex is processed into micro molecules to target deep epidermal and dermal delivery for the targeted repairing and rejuvenation. It's suitable for dull skin, dry and dehydrated skin, photo damaged skin and post procedural care (IPL/Laser, MediFacial, Chemical Peel, etc)

Nano Infusion Tip
-No downtime
Radio Frequency Delivery 
-Maximum delivery
Peptide Promoting Treatment
-Long accumulative results


  • L Series Anti-Blemish Factors ($89/10ml)
  • 99 3D Hydrator ($79/10ml)
  • 89 Oil Balancer ($89/10ml)
  • B9 Wrinkle Reducer ($149/10ml)
  • Cell Repairing Factor ($115/10ml)
  • 900 Collagen Factor ($289/10ml)